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Baho Smile Institute

Psychotherapeutic and Research Center

About us

Baho Smile Institute (BSI) is a psychotherapeutic and research center created in 2019 by psychologists and psychotherapists who believe that positive relationships, positive parenting and purpose in life are the key words of positive living with less stress and trauma wounds. BSI is committed to be the catalyst for community and culturally sensitive approaches that leads to vitality and stop intergenerational cycle of trauma.

What to expect from us?? We provide romantic relationship skills, positive parenting skills, work stress management and trauma healing.

Our Vision: To have a community where people feel happy, resilient and have the purpose in life

Our Mission: To be the activists of positive relationships, positive parenting and positive growth

Our Moto: Nothing in life makes sense without a smile.

Address: Kimironko, Kibagabaga, Rindiro, KG 126 ST
Phone: +250788846884
Email: bahosmileinstitute@gmail.com